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Evergreen Medical Clinic in Arlington, Texas, is a practice combining the best modern technologies and evidence-based medicine with an awareness of the importance of spiritual health.

Approaching health care holistically is the philosophy of the practice and its lead clinician, Ken Wamwiri, MSN, FNP-C. Holistic medicine embraces the three aspects of every person — their body, mind, and spirit. By ensuring the well being of all three, patients can enjoy long and healthy lives.

With walk-in and urgent care facilities available along with extended hours, Evergreen Medical Clinic is an outstanding service for the local communities of Arlington.

Our Services

Evergreen Medical Clinic specializes in providing hormone replacement therapy for both men and women, using bioidentical hormones (BHRT) that match the molecular structure of natural hormones. The team also provides a comprehensive range of primary care services and support for patients making lifestyle changes such as losing weight and quitting smoking.

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New Patients

On their first visit, patients undergo a thorough medical examination including lab tests with a licensed healthcare practitioner. This ensures you receive the most effective treatment, tailored to your individual needs. Not only are physical and mental health symptoms diagnosed and treated to the highest standards, but also the provider is also happy to join in prayer at the end of the consultation.

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What Our Patients Say

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